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Posted by ebgd7 at Feb 28, 2005 4:04:52 AM
confused   Advice needed on encoding Bible Introductions in OSIS for Sword
Now, that We (Polish Sword community) were given the 'publishing house quality' Bible e-text together with permission to use with Sword, there are some questions on how to properly encode the text into OSIS used in Sword.

The original book comprises of Biblical text+
- introductions to each separate book,
- introductions to selected book groups,
- introductions to both Testaments,
- general introduction to the Bible,
- additional 'press' info, as imprimatur, people involved etc.

To make things even more complicated some books have prologues.

From my understanding the Sword adds a notion of verse number 0 (of unknown meaning to me), and chapter number 0 (an introduction to a book?) This might be handy, but I really do not know which is the correct way. I've also seen in 'requests for functionality' proposal to introduce 'a Bible tree selector' - perhaps similar to what is available in General Book - to select chapters, introductions, sections...

As for OSIS itself there is no problem in encoding introductions for books / book groups, but the goal is to have this [understood & properly rendered] in Sword.

One walkaround that comes to my mind is usage of Commentary / general book - as it is with Darby's Bible and Darby's translation notes.
Commentary might be used for individual book introductions (for example as acommentary fot the fist chapter).

Those are only examples and loose thoughts on the problem. I woluld really like to hear the advice from the experienced Ones - developers maybe?

Please help.

Chris biggrin