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Posted by Osk at Feb 18, 2005 8:08:42 PM
Re: osis2mod.exe bug report

I tried converting a piece of a book I once tagged with osis tags. The file was encoded in UTF-8 without the byte order mark.

osis2mod.exe always crashed at offset 00001dd8

I also tried converting a sample file found here:

In the latter case I got the message "abnormal program termination". The module was created, but without text.

I have no idea about the first problem you mention since I have no details.

The example text from probably won't import correctly because it varies in significant ways from what we expect OSIS to look like. The abnormal program terminiation is corrected by changing all of the single-quote attributes to the more standard double-quotes. Changing this allows the text to be imported correctly, I think.

I don't think we are likely to support single-quoted attributes because the XML parser we use in the importer is used internal to the library and we would not want to slow down the library to handle an unusual case.

Any clues? Also, what is the meaning of the augment switch, i.e. 1?

If you want to create a new module from scratch use 0 or leave the last argument off. If you want to augment an existing module, use 1. You will almost always want to just leave this argument out.

Is osis2mod only for creating Bible modules or can it be used for other books as well?

Only Bibles, though commentaries encoded like Bibles will work fine too. GenBooks can be compiled using xml2gbs.