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Posted by Osk at Feb 18, 2005 2:01:09 AM
Re: OSIS import creates general book, not bible
osis2mod will happily import any OSIS Bible, regardless of its versification. All verses will be incorporated in a systematic way (by adding them to the previous valid verse). This is honestly the best way to do modules because front-ends have the option of printing verse tags internal to the verse (which are maintained by osis2mod). You won't be able to reference or select non-KJV verses directly, but they will be displayed and they can have their verse numbers displayed in frontends that support this option.

osis2mod does not currently like deuterocanonical books, though. We might handle that somehow before we release the final 1.5.8 version of osis2mod, but currently it will try to add deuterocanonicals into Revelation. To import a Bible that has deuterocanonicals, you need to delete the deuterocanonicals from the OSIS file first.