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Posted by jansorg at Feb 16, 2005 11:44:58 AM
Re: :linux noob:Don't Know how to install bibletime in SuSE 9.2
You need to install the Sword package first. It's on the BibleTime download page. Make sure you download the packages for SuSE 9.2.

If it doesn't work please include detailed error messages from the programs.
What does it give if you do the following:
press ALT+F2 and enter "konsole"
enter "su -"
go to the dir which contains the files, e.g. "cd /home/gub/Downloads/"
enter "rpm -i sword-1.5.7a-1.suse9.2.i586.rpm"
enter "rpm -i bibletime-1.4.1-1.suse9.2.i586.rpm"

What does it tell you? Please note that you only need to do these difficult steps if the installation with the graphical tools doesn't work.

Let us know,