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Posted by ebgd7 at Jan 16, 2005 6:49:23 AM
shock   Re: Problems with references and notes in IMP/Osis file
Once again partly self support forum...
From the code reverse engineering it looks like the osis notes are simply not working. So putting:
<note>A simple note without a type</note>
in verse number 1.
produces: "*n1" which opens empty box upon pointing with cursor.
Is this correct? (as of Sword 1.5.6 for Windows?)

<note swordFootnote="a note">Simple note</note>

produces: "*n1.a note" - also producing empty box.

So, what should I do to create proper footnotes in osis?!?! Please help!!

Another thing that does not work are the osisRef's in <reference> tag.
<reference osisRef="John.2.3">John 2</reference>

Results in the reference to John 2 and not John 2:3!!! So basicly osisRef's are ignored!.