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Posted by Julian at Jan 11, 2005 2:37:20 PM
Re: Is Sword for Windows Dead?
Slowed down is one word for it. . . .(ok, actually two words, but who's counting, heh). The source doesn't do me a lot of good in that I haven't done any C programming in 15 years (and nothing in that new fangled C++). I'm picking up python though - are there any wrappers for the Sword API in Python? Perhaps that might be a worthwhile project - a cross-platform Python/WxWidgets Sword. Unfortunately I don't know if the WxWidgets platform is robust enough to give us the kind of convenient/awesome/cool GUI that the native windows Sword project has given us - namely, adding tabs on the fly on new module installs, easy and convenient window resizing, etc. It might be gather some steam under Sourceforge though. I do hope that the Sword Project for Windows doesn't become yet another example of "abandonware" . . .sad