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Posted by STEMPublishing at Dec 6, 2004 8:21:59 AM
making my material freely available on the web
Please excuse my asking questions before I have trawled though all the info that you have made available anyway . . .
If anyone likes to look at my website you will see what I do.
I have 5,000 articles (many of them full books) which are Bible teaching from a 'brethren' background - the complete writings of such authors such as Darby Kelly, Mackintosh etc - 20 in total. These have been made available for the last ten years on CD-ROMs. However I am VERY seriously considering making them freely available on the web, because the administration of the CDs takes too much time and requires me to charge for the material - and of course the many other good reasons which you all know for free distribution on the web.
I have been using (very acceptably) the search engine ISYS (WWW.ISYSDEV.COM). This is limited to Win. The two great advantages of their system are 1) ease of origination 2) ease of user search down to the highlighting of / jumping to the search terms within the articles.
Commercially I have only discovered packages which will cost £1000's to do this on the web.
the articles are in HTML - though a little rough :-(

Will Sword Project be able to do this?
Are there other systems which would be applicable?
Thanks, and apologies for asking for you to shortcut my research.
In Christ, Les Hodgett.