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Posted by hperrin at Nov 23, 2004 4:19:23 AM
Bibletime wont find modules

Am having problems - i've installed the bibletime and sword rpms fine, and bibletime runs.

Howevever, when bt starts i get the message:
SWMgr: Can't find 'mods.conf' or 'mods.d'.  Try setting:
SWORD_PATH=<directory containing mods.conf>
Or see the README file for a full description of setup options (<configPath is null>)


then, if i try to add modules using ftp, it doesn't find any on the server, and i get the error:
> CWD pub
< 250 Directory successfully changed.
> CWD sword
< 250 Directory successfully changed.
> CWD raw
< 250 Directory successfully changed.
> EPRT |1||32796|
< 500 Bad EPRT protocol.
> LPRT 4,4,192,168,0,13,2,128,28
< 500 Unknown command.
> PORT 192,168,0,13,128,28
< 500 Illegal PORT command.
* Connection #0 to host left intact
(BibleTime 1.4.1) WARNING: backend constructed with a path argument! /home/howy/.sword/InstallMgr/

followed by the same error as before. Any ideas what's wrong? I'm running FC3.

Help is greatly appreciated,