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Posted by mysword at Oct 14, 2004 10:14:59 PM
Re: Howto install and share modules for all users
OK ... it works, somewhat. This is what I have discovered so far.

Whenever I am in the directory /mnt/cdrom1 and run BT. It shows all the modules that I have installed as root (using the Install Manager) all right, whether I am root or as a user. However, if I move away from this directory, I cannot see any of the modules (it immediately goes into the module configurator, and when I quit from it, it shows no modules). This happens whether I am root or a normal user.

It seems that it expects that I am in that directory. Thus, when I run BT from the KDE menu, I am not in that directory, and so no module show up. I am suspecting that I was in that directory when I installed the modules (it was quite a while back when I did that), and somehow, that information is stored somewhere, and therefore BT continue to expect that I launch from there.

I am just speculating, of course.

Thank you very much.