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Posted by mysword at Oct 13, 2004 3:38:27 PM
Howto install and share modules for all users

Thanks for the wonderful program. This question is about the module installer in BibleTime. I used Debian unstable (modules used to be in /usr/share/sword).

How do I set it up so that all users can share a sword module (eg. a book, a commentary, etc)? Currently, it seems that the module installer insists on putting it into a directory owned by the user. I would like for root to install just one copy, and then every user just point to it and use it (of course this is for non-writable modules). I tried running BT as root and then installing directly into /usr/share/sword. However, when a user opens BT, they don't see the modules there. In fact, the old modules (installed using the old method) are also not visible anymore.

On one particular evening, I uninstalled BT (without uninstalling the modules), then reinstalled again in Debian. When I run it from the command line, it sees all the old modules I had. However, when I run it from the KDE menu, it pops up the module configurator and if I just cancel, I see no modules. Unfortunately, that lasted only one evening. After that, even if I opened BT from command line, the modules are still missing.

In short, what is the correct way of installing the modules using the new modules installer so that all users can use it without having to install the module on their own?

Thanks a lot.