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Posted by frankavallone at Sep 26, 2004 9:51:25 PM
Can't find the program to use it
Greetings in His Name!

I am new to linux and really like it. I am using Redhat 9. I downloaded, unzipped and installed sucessfully sword-1.5.7 as per the instructions (sword.conf generated).

Then I downloaded, unzipped and installed KJV with Strongs #s. I believe all that went well because of all the activity:
[root@localhost sword-1.5.7]# unzip ~frank/
Archive: /home/frank/
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/ot.bzs
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/ot.bzv
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/nt.bzv
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/ot.bzz
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/nt.bzz
inflating: modules/texts/ztext/kjv/nt.bzs
inflating: mods.d/kjv.conf
[root@localhost sword-1.5.7]#

This sounds silly but where do I find the program to run it? I look forward to downloading and using all the modules that I use with e-Sword in Windows. This will be the first "extra" program that I will have installed. What am I missing? Thanks!