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Posted by abishur at Oct 9, 2013 9:36:46 PM
Re: Can't edit in "Personal" commentary module
If you're like me and it has installed the personal commentary to /usr/share/sword/modules/comments/rawfiles/personal then the solution is to go into that directory and type in

"sudo chown <your_user_name> ./*"

Where you replace <your_user_name> with whatever name you log in as. Make sure you use put a period in front of the forward slash. A DOT FORWARD SLASH STAR means, everything in the current directory, but a FOWARD SLASH STAR means everything. It would only affect files in the root directory, but you still don't want to make that mistake ;-)

You could technically do a chmod on them to something like

"sudo chmod 775 ./*"

Again with a DOT FORWARD SLASH STAR, but I prefer the chown command. Once I did this I was able to edit the files no problem.

If you want to do a group commentary, then you would need to make a group and do a

"sudo chgrp <group_name> ./*"

and then make sure everyone you want to be able to edit the commentary is a member of that group you made