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Posted by karl at Sep 6, 2013 2:45:31 PM
Re: search in xiphos
for example I searched for the word fool and I got not only fool but foolish

The sidebar search attempts to use optimized ("lucene") searches, but in the absence of the tokenized index needed for lucene, it silently falls back to simple search. The result is that the simple search is a trivial linear search for the word offered, preceded by whitespace or punctuation, and so it does indeed find anything that stems out of "fool."

To get the effect desired, open the module manager, go to the maintenance page, and create the index for the module(s) in question; then optimized search will find exactly just "fool" due to lucene's use of the tokenized index. Optionally, with optimized/lucene search, you can get the effect of the original search using "fool*" as a wildcard tail on the stem.

The advanced search window is more explicit about telling you when it is falling back to simple search.

Project Admin, Xiphos