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Posted by sayhello at Feb 1, 2013 9:17:26 AM
how to organize the greek new testament
hello dear community

Well i have a dataset with the complete text of the Greek Novum TEstamentum . see here

each line is one verse:

so far so good:

well i try to figure out where the verses end - and how the books are organized

- alltogether we have got 7942 verses

with a statistical view on the structure we have an alltogether of 7956 verses and 138,020 words
well i try to find out the chapter divisions and want to get it as a structure into the calc view.

for all further work i love the calc view - since it makes very very easy to find out a certain verse.

is there any chance to mark the chapters and the books - with a new collumn and so on...

In other words: can we add some more structure in the calc view of the data!

see some statistical view of the novum testamentum:

can you help me to arrange the dataset in the calc view a bit more so that i have the books and the chapters and
that i f i need to have a certain verse -- i can find it with ease!?