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Posted by The_Lion at Dec 30, 2012 4:59:01 AM
Three Suggestions
1. Would it be possible to add a default module setting for "Commentary" between Bible and Dictionary in the General tab of the Preferences? That would be used by File -> New Single -> Commentary host.

2. There are nine possible module options. I typically use two to four of them, and have to make that many trips to the Mod Options menu every time a new Bible tab opens.

Would it be possible to have defaults for these to the right of the module defaults as "Bible Options?" Those not available in the selected Bible could be greyed out. There would be nine of them which would match the nine lines of the default module setting (if a Commentary default was added).

3. When I click on a reference in a Commentary module (I have two commentaries side-by-side below the Bible(s) in the workspace), the result is a new tab with only the referenced text in the default Bible.

As an example, the Scofield Commentary has this note for Matthew 1:21:

save See note, Romans 1:16 (See Scofield "RomansĀ 1:16")

The object is to read the commentary note for that reference but it also needs the Bible above to see the Scripture the referenced note is itself referencing. As it is, clicking either link results in only the text in the default Bible, and I have to add the Commentary module every time..

Would it be possible for the resulting tab of a reference click to inherit the layout of the referencing tab, i.e. with commentaries opened (and parallel Bibles if so set)? Maybe an option for this in Preferences would be good too for those who don't want it.

Many thanks!