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Posted by Nathaniel at Jul 21, 2004 10:30:16 AM
Re: How to use diatheke?
Thanks for the example Squinky, that set me in the right direction. Here are a few more examples for those who are interested:

-- Retrieve Acts ch 10
diatheke -b KJV -k "Acts 10"

-- First five verses of above
diatheke -b KJV -m 5 -k "Acts 10"

-- Acts chapter 1 and 2
diatheke -b KJV -k "Acts 1-2"

-- Genesis 1:1
diatheke -b KJV -o "G 1:1"

-- Galations 1:1 w/ Strong's (KJV Only)
diatheke -b KJV -o n -k "Ga 1:1"

-- I Corinithians 1:1 (also "ic 1:1")
diatheke -b KJV -o n -k "1c 1:1"

-- Revelation 1:1-1:7
diatheke -b KJV -k "Rev 1:1-7"

-- Revelation 1:1
diatheke -b KJV -m 1 -k "R 1:1-7"

-- Revelation 1:1,1:3,1:7 as HTML (w/ <p>,<i> tags)
diatheke -b KJV -f HTML -k "R 1:1,3,7"

-- verses with "my people", quotations optional
diatheke -b KJV -s phrase -k "my people"

-- verses with "skin" and "bones"
diatheke -b KJV -s multiword -k "skin bones"

-- verses with "church" or "assembly"
diatheke -b KJV -s regex -k "church | assembly"

-- Strong's Greek 3056
diatheke -b "StrongsGreek" -k "3056"

-- Definition of "horn" in Two Babylons
diatheke -b "2BabDict" -k "horn"

-- Entry for John 1:1 in Family Bible Notes
diatheke -b Family -k "Jn 1:1"

-- Entry for "Lion" in Scripture Alphabet Of Animals
diatheke -b SAOA -k "Lion"

-- Entry for "olive-tree" in Easton's Bible Dictionary
diatheke -b Easton -k "olive-tree"