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Posted by mdbarton at Jul 16, 2004 11:46:20 PM
Re: References in modules
Replacing my ThML:
<p>First Portion: <!--CDR1 Genesis 1, 2 --><scripRef>Genesis 1</scripRef>, <scripRef>Genesis 2</scripRef></p><p>Second Portion: <!--CDR2 Psalms 1,2 --><scripRef>Psalms 1</scripRef>, <scripRef>Psalms 2</scripRef></p><p>Third Portion: <scripRef>Matthew 1</scripRef>, <scripRef>Matthew 2</scripRef></p>
with this:
<p>First Portion: <!--CDR1 Genesis 1, 2 --><reference osisRef="Gen.1">Genesis 1</reference>, <reference osisRef="Gen.2">Genesis 2</reference></p><p>Second Portion: <!--CDR2 Psalms 1,2 --><reference osisRef="Ps.1">Psalms 1</reference>, <reference osisRef="Ps.2">Psalms 2</reference></p><p>Third Portion: <reference osisRef="Matt.1">Matthew 1</reference>, <reference osisRef="Matt.2">Matthew 2</reference></p>
for the whole module works fine in Sword for Windows but not in MacSword.
Should the whole module be a fully marked up OSIS document or should I be able to just do the replacement in of ThML with OSIS on the ThML/verse per line module as I have tried?
Thanks for your help!