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Posted by ingram at Apr 10, 2012 9:40:01 PM
diatheke - How do I install books from the command line?
I installed diatheke on Ubuntu by running this command:
sudo apt-get install diatheke

If I try to run one of the example commands like the following, I don't get any results:
diatheke -b KJV -o fmnx -k Jn 3:16

I assume it is because I don't have any Bibles/books installed. On another system that I have Xiphos installed on, this command works. But I used Xiphos to install the KJV module.

How do I install Bibles/modules/books from the command line? Is there a way to do it from diatheke, or do I just download the files from crosswire and put them in a certain folder??