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Posted by COGClerk01 at Jul 14, 2004 7:58:31 PM
confused   Can't get Bibletime working on Fedora Core 2
Hey all,

I've been struggling with this a few days, and I really need some help. Here is the paths I've tried:

1) I thought, "The core 1 rpms may work for me (I couldn't find any core 2 rpms).". I installed them and got Bibletime to come up. However, anytime I tried to access a module, Bibletime just died. I even downloaded the new KJV module (my other modules are older), but I had the same result.

2) Okay, I'm going to build it from scratch, so I downloaded sword-1.5.7 and bibletime-1.4.1 sources and built them. I was doing this on a laptop with about 4GB of harddrive space, so I selectively added *devel* rpms until everything configured and built happily. Now, if I try to run Bibletime, to toolbar icon spins for a bit, then goes away. Bibletime never actually comes up.

Thanks in advance! smile