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Posted by paroikoi at Jan 3, 2012 12:10:13 PM
how to hide cross-references and notes in pop-up screen/window
Thanks for the awesome program! I used to use PalmBible+ for years, and was a part-time developer (very little, actually) on it. I switched from Palm to iOS maybe two years ago, but didn't get my Bibles converted into Sword format till the last couple weeks. Now I've started to use PocketSword more and have run into a potential issue.

Here goes. When reading a Bible with linked (ThML) notes and xrefs (and with them enabled!), clicking on a note or xref link pops-up the lower window showing the note or cross-referenced Bible verse(s). The issue I'm having is that any notes or xrefs within that referenced Bible verse show up in their entirety in the pop-up window. It seems like it would be ideal to have notes and xrefs hidden within that pop-up window, or show up as a plain (unlinked) "x" or "n" in the pop-up window. They do go away in the pop-up window if I disable notes and/or xrefs, but that defeats the point. :-)

Did I do something wrong in my Bible file conversion, or is this a known issue? Better yet, is there some setting I'm missing that will allow notes and xrefs to show in the main window but be hidden in the pop-up window?

Thanks again,