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Posted by Osk at Jul 6, 2004 12:05:44 PM
Re: BHS module - Hebrew characters are not clearly shown
Concerning hebrew, there should be a way to change the chapter header (the one that displays the "chapter" word), as it's strange to see the english word "chapter" written in hebrew characters...

so, there are some problems with the hebrew fonts? didn't knew this... which font is better for displaying the Biblical hebrew? Ezra? I'm currently using a font I've found online, bwhebl.ttf, and it seems quite good...

If you are seeing the word "Chapter" written in Hebrew characters, you have the wrong font set. This is not possible with a Unicode font. Sword uses only Unicode encodings and fonts.

You are probably using the old Ezra (SIL Ezra) rather than the new one (Ezra SIL). You can get the new version here.

The BibleWorks fonts (like bwhebl.ttf) will not only most definitely not work, but are also probably not legal to redistribute online.