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Posted by karl at Nov 14, 2011 3:45:13 PM
Re: [Doubt] How do verses on the internet, documents (LibreOffice, etc.) or other means to link the program Xiphos Bible?
Xiphos checks to see if your system has a handler for sword:// URLs. If not, it installs itself (actually, a small helper program) as that handler. Then such URLs can be handled directly in e.g. web pages, so that a target reference "sword://ESV/john.3.16" does what you expect, clickable from the browser: It uses your existing Xiphos, or starts a fresh one if none is yet running, and tells Xiphos to navigate to that module and verse.

Yes, other documents besides web pages could use this method, if you are able to encode a sword:// URL as a linkable target.
Project Admin, Xiphos