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Posted by Ingo at Jul 4, 2004 1:21:23 PM
Re: The Sword Project for Windows - what was it made with?

We have polish .conf files (corrected, with some additional features like "back" gif etc.). Those corrected files are located at

We've encouraged to put them on the official site of the CrossWire, but with no effect - alike polish public domain Bible module:( (maybe there are some special procedures? - I don't know).

This, however, doesn't solve all problems - only a few sentences are prone to such a way of translating. There are many options which are always in english, submenus, install manager, help etc.etc.

So the best way to make a complete translation is to do it on the code level.
We would do it half a year ago, but we don't have a single guy who'd know programming. Only MDs, PhDs and other lamers... Once we are able to make a build, we translate the code.

In Christ,

Ps 1:1-2