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Posted by JonGl at Oct 26, 2011 6:08:06 AM
Re: Strongs Links Not Working
I REALLY have problems with this:

Clicking a number don't show anything at all in the preview window.
I have enabled "Show preview as tooltips" in preferences but it makes no difference.
Right-click->"open link" is not working - nothing happens at all.

So sad - I really want this to work!

I have Eloquent ver. 2.4.2/2127 and Lion (10.7.2)

Try going into Eloquent's preferences, and make sure that for Strongs Hebrew and Strongs Greek, under the General preferences, the StrongsGreek and Strongs Hebrew are selected. It may also be that you haven't yet downloaded the modules, which, if you can't select them there, is probably the problem.