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Posted by DanielGardner at Sep 19, 2011 6:59:40 AM
Re: New Name Voting
Hullo, I registered just to comment on this thread. I vote for Biblia (short version). Adding Phanera is not wise, imo.
1). Honestly, few know what Phanera means, so it's like an inside joke that doesn't work well.
2). It adds nothing to the flow of the title. Saying "Biblia app" is beautiful, but saying "Biblia Phanera App" is cumbersome.
3). "Biblia" sums up the core of this software because it brings to mind "Bible" while at the same time conjuring up an international, multi-linguistic feel. "Phanera" conjures nothing to mind because quite frankly, I have no idea what it MEANS.
4). Think small. In case of a future iPhone app, wouldn't Biblia be to the point? Smaller titles means it gets stamped quickly on people's minds. I can easily memorize the word "Biblia" but here in a week I will have forgotten how to spell Phanera. Which means if I want to recommend this app in an email, etc I first have to do a Google search just to find out how to spell it.
5). I just did a google search to discover what Phanera means. The first two results (one of them is a wikipedia article) deal with "The genus Phanera is in the family Leguminosae in the major group Angiosperms (Flowering plants)." Confusing as heck.

Biblia +1 (without phanera)