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Posted by jonmmorgan at Sep 19, 2011 5:16:46 AM
Re: PHP or Python
I have no specific experience with PHP, so I will just make some general statements:
1. CrossWire doesn't encourage people to export SWORD modules into a different format for usage. While it is certainly possible, many modules have compromises that have been made to suit the SWORD Project, and so it is considered preferable to view the original source.

2. Many of the Bibles and other books provided by CrossWire are copyrighted, and only CrossWire has permission to distribute it. If you were to use them you would need to investigate if permission is needed and then obtain said permission.

3. If you want a simpler version than OSIS, SWORD can output modules as plain text (which is used in searching), as well as in HTML. These outputs will all be specifically designed for SWORD, and may not do what you want or be able to be converted into a format you want. (As a result of (1), there is likely to be little or no support for this option, so YMMV).

I believe there are also PHP bindings to SWORD. However, I do not know whether they work or not, and even if they did they would be linking to a C++ library and may not be permitted in all hosting environments.