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Posted by PastorJosh at Sep 11, 2011 9:57:46 PM
Re: iPad Version
I have been using Pocketsword on my iPad since I bought it back in April. It has been the single greatest tool in my ministry since I started preaching 17 years ago.

However, I have extremely limited vision (legally blind actually) This app was by far the most user friendly for someone in my condition. That is until I updated to the new version. The bible text isn't the only thing made smaller. All the menus and search boxes are greatly diminished from the previous version. I feel like a blessing has been stolen from me. In preparing for my messages today I could barely use it, I had to go back to my previous methods of study that are twice as long.

Is there any way to install the old version? Even my wife, who has good sight, said the menus and print are to small. Please help!