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Posted by Osk at Jul 1, 2004 1:49:59 PM
Re: References in modules
Thanks Osk

The 'module making guide' says:
Now we are moving to the OSIS format, but are still at work bringing all of its features to SWORD

I take it that the OSIS reference feature is available in Sword?

Yes, the reference tag is handled correctly. And if you find any problems with our support of OSIS, just tell us, and we'll improve it. In contrast, if you find problems with our support of ThML, we are likely to just tell you to use OSIS. :)
However, when I looked at the OSIS user manual it said the following:

The reference element is used to encode an explicit cross-reference to another passage or
work ...... For
(example forthcoming)

Could you provide an example or point me in the direction of one?

Hmm... not a very helpful example. The manual is being updated at the moment, if you hadn't guessed.

An OSIS reference looks something like this:

<reference osisRef="Matt.1.5">Matthew 1:5</reference>

The contents of the tag ("Matthew 1:5") can be anything, but the format of the osisRef attribute ("Matt.1.5") is defined as book.chapter.verse. The chapter and verse are obviously just the chapter/verse numbers (or letters in some cases) and the book value is taken from a set of standard abbreviations:

OT books:
Gen, Exod, Lev, Num, Deut, Josh, Judg, Ruth, 1Sam, 2Sam, 1Kgs, 2Kgs, 1Chr, 2Chr, Ezra, Neh, Esth, Job, Ps, Prov, Eccl, Song, Isa, Jer, Lam, Ezek, Dan, Hos, Joel, Amos, Obad, Jonah, Mic, Nah, Hab, Zeph, Hag, Zech, Mal,

NT books:
Matt, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Rom, 1Cor, 2Cor, Gal, Eph, Phil, Col, 1Thess, 2Thess, 1Tim, 2Tim, Titus, Phlm, Heb, Jas, 1Pet, 2Pet, 1John, 2John, 3John, Jude, Rev,

Deuterocanonical/apocryphal books (not yet supported by Sword):
Bar, Sir, 1Esd, 2Esd, Jdt, EpLao, 1Macc, 2Macc, 3Macc, 4Macc, PrMan, Ps151, Tob, Wis, Sus, Bel, PrAzar, PssSol, Odes, AddEsth