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Posted by JonGl at Aug 23, 2011 5:41:45 AM
Re: How do I install modules?
Hello. I am attempting to install modules from a Firewire backup disk. This is OSX 10.7.2. I added the modules to

~/Library/Application\ Support/Sword/mods.d

however only the first one I added shows up. Later adds are not recognized by the app.

I did find a "Module installer" but it doesn't make any sense. Sorry, I am a programmer but this is possibly the most unintuitive application I have ever used. The old version was so much easier. Maybe there is some big fact I am missing to have wasted so much time?

There are actually two items you need to install for every Sword module. The first is the configuration file. These files end with a .conf extension, and goes in the mods.d folder you described. All this file does is tell the Project Sword app what kind of file the module is, and where it's located. If you drop the actual modules into this folder, Eloquent won't be able to find the actual module files, because they are in the wrong location.

Also in the Sword folder, you should see another folder, named "Modules". Inside that, you should see another series of folders, for different types of modules--texts, comment, lexdict (and others). You need to drop the actual module files into this hierarchy. However, it's a bit more complicated, because there are different kinds of files within each category. You can read a bit more about how to put the files in their proper places here:

But honestly, I would suggest that you simply empty your mods.d folder and Modules folder, and restart Eloquent, and use the Module Installer (found in the Eloquent Menu) to reinstall everything off of the online repositories. I recently did this myself, even though I had everything installed from MacSword. I can be lazy... ;-)