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Posted by niccarter at Aug 21, 2011 3:53:08 AM
Re: Name complaints
I have considered renaming PocketSword, and may still do so, but if I'm going to do a long and unwieldily name I'm going to have CrossWire in it rather than The Sword Project. I kinda figure it's the parent organisation, whereas the other is just a project of the parent organisation. Plus, I often talk to people about CrossWire and never mention The Sword Project, but that's just me! People can check out the CrossWire website and then see the project, so that's not too much of an issue I reckon. :)

I was thinking something like The Bible by the CrossWire Bible Society and then shorten the iOS app name that is displayed on devices to Bible? :) But, I'm not too concerned right now and am more focused on other stuff atm, hence no releases of PS for about 6 months, altho there should be one in the next couple of weeks (all the code is done, waiting on some icons and beta testing!) :)
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