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Posted by JonGl at Aug 12, 2011 12:53:42 AM
Re: Name complaints
This iSword project:
seems to be abandoned. I think we could ask him whether we can use the name.

Can't hurt to ask, eh?

why do you think that "sword" should be part of the name?
We have many application at Crosswire which do not have "sword" in their name. We all know what this "sword" means but many people who do not know the bible seem to get a wrong impression of it.

My thinking, which I guess I presumed people would think, is that the Sword Project, being the technology which makes all this possible, sometimes gets left behind, and people don't realize the wealth of resources behind the software. A direct link in the name, it would seem to me, would be direct link to the hard work of the people on the Sword project. I know that the original "MacSword" name was vital in my hooking into the rest of the Sword Project.

As to wrong impressions... well, anybody searching for Bible software is going to understand that part of it. Scriptures are the Sword of the Spirit. God chose that name. Why be ashamed of it because somebody chooses to get offended? A person who's going to choose to get offended over the word "sword" is going to find something else to get offended by, if not that word. God's Word itself is offensive to people today--not because it's so bad, but because people are bad. If we retreat from names that God Himself has given to His word, those people have already won, because we have retreated. (The word "Bible" offends people, I've discovered, as does "Holy Scriptures"--and especially the word "Christian" offends people. Where do we stop?)

The name should be short and concise. Tome, iTome or MyTome wouldn't be bad I think.

I'm just adding more ruminations to this subject... ...I find obtuse, catchy names to be a greater hindrance than short, or even longer, descriptive names. For instance, "Accordance"--what exactly does that mean? It doesn't help a potential buyer, especially on a place like the app store, where people are most likely to be looking for the word "bible" or "scripture". In this regard, "sword" can either help or hurt--help, if somebody, like me, is looking for a Mac-compatible Project Sword app (hence my suggestion for Project Sword for Mac), but hurt if someone is looking for "bible" or worse, looking for some medieval role-playing game. ;-)

And in retrospect, anything beginning with "i" is probably going to get lost. ;-) I therefore withdraw my suggestions for my i-whatever names. ;-)

Some dumb ideas:
Sword of the Spirit?
Beautiful Feet?

This isn't easy. ;-)