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Posted by Osk at Jul 1, 2004 12:14:21 AM
Re: BHS module - Hebrew characters are not clearly shown
I am using the BHS module frequently for reference to the original texts of the Old Testament. Normally, in "Sword" all non-Latin scripts for Korean, Chinese and Arabic Bible translations are clearly shown by the MS arialunicodfont - with exception of the BHS Hebrew text in that module. I can see that the massorah (vowel diacritics) are incorporated but some are not clearly visible, other letters and vowel diacrtitics seem to have a "corrupt" display. Is there anything that can be done about this? I have also installed arial32 font for special support of Hebrew and Greek character display.

You can change the font from the preferences menu. Most people who work with Biblical Hebrew would not be more comfortable using a sans serif font, like Arial Unicode MS, so I believe we set the font to SIL's new Ezra font by default, which is similar to that used in the print BHS.

In any case, changing the font will affect the display but not correct encoding errors (of which there are many in the BHS currently available). A new Hebrew text is in preparation, so you'll have to wait for that before display can be improved.

Furthermore, most of the display errors you describe will not be improved by other fonts, but are likely to be further distorted because most general purpose fonts are not capable of displaying Biblical Hebrew correctly. And even the corrected Hebrew text we are working on may not correct display in Windows completely because of rendering limitations on that platform.