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Posted by chasm at Aug 8, 2011 7:12:55 AM
Re: Eloquent Lion ready?
I've downloaded the experimental build. Overall it works pretty well. The program initially seemed to be unable to load a module, and I had to both select a module and enter a reference lookup term in order for anything to display. After that, everything worked fine. As I understand that Lion fullscreen is yet to come, I won't make any further comments on that in this post. I will however point out a few interface quirks:

The blue circles are highlighting interface elements that should probably be removed. I have no idea how that thin blank bar appeared under the main toolbar, and that thick resize bar on the left sidebar is no longer needed. The red circle is obviously highlighting a more apparent interface issue. The chapter/verse navigators should probably be programmed to center themselves in available sidebar space, and not permit the sidebar to be sized too small to contain them. Right now, they are apparently positioned at an usually long fixed distance from the edge of the scripture display window, and disappear if the toolbar is too narrow.

EDIT: Okay, now this is a beautiful thing. Running this experimental build off of the disk image worked very well. Strangely though, running it from the hard disk is buggy as ever. Fullscreen mode does not work at all, and any attempt to invoke it produces either a completely scrambled and unworkable interface or a black screen that can only be exited by quitting the program altogether. On the next launch, a "corrupt session file" error will appear. But hey, that's the adventure of playing with test software. No complaints. biggrin
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