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Posted by Osk at Jun 30, 2004 11:29:12 PM
Re: The Sword Project for Windows - what was it made with?
I was thinking about trying to work with the Sword Project for Windows source code. But before I decide to do that (if at all), I'd like to ask:

1) What is that programming language in which The Sword Project for Windows was written?

Sword is written in C/C++ and The SWORD Project for Windows is written in C++.
2) What compiler did you use / recommend using to compile The Sword Project on Windows correctly?

Compiling the SWORD Project for Windows requires Borland C++ Builder 5 or 6.
3) What is the text control that is used to display the Bible text ( I guess it is used in other panes, too. I am asking because all Polish characters are displayed alright, except one - it is, or if you can't get it displayed correctly: ANSI 0241, or Unicode (decimal) 324 (x0144). The character is similar to the correct polish character, but very thin, as if taken from a different font.

We render with an RTF control. If there are problems with rendering, it is unlikely that it is the fault of the library or the control.