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Posted by karl at Aug 7, 2011 4:35:26 PM
Re: Problem with Sword-1.6.0 and Xiphos-3.1.1 on CentOS/Gnome
the multiple Nautilus instances is a problem with Xiphos-3.1.1 and Xulrunner....If I am wrong about my assessment, please let me know.

You're quite right, though the real problem was xulrunner itself. We worked around it in Xiphos.

Xulrunner has been enough of a problem that we are disposing of it entirely. 3.1.5 is soon to be released, for which xulrunner has been replaced by webkit. By the time 4.0 comes along, I expect we will have excised all remaining xulrunner-specific code.

Whether that can be made available in CentOS, I'm not able to say. I will say that you should upgrade past 3.1.1 or 3.1.3 if at all possible. A lot has been done since then.
Project Admin, Xiphos