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Posted by OldManRiver at Jul 23, 2011 1:01:06 PM
2 Features needed

Have not been using your tool long, so this maybe redundant, but could not find anything on it with search.

What I see needed for this project are the following 2 things:
  • Web Enabled online version (PHP),
  • Topical Chain reference.

I have been working on the later and probably about 50% through the coding and am designing it so it not only captures both Thompson's and Nave's but also allows topic inputs via web, through review process, to avoid multiple similar topics and also keep topics Biblically focused.

Would like feed back from those interested and especially those willing to help with the later.

I also see the day, when we can develop an engine that you enter a topic, such as the one I am currently pursuing of "Necessity of Protection" where the engine would do a thesarus lookup on the terms entered and render all verses that are appropriate.