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Posted by Ingo at Jun 30, 2004 9:35:12 AM
Re: sorry for my self-response:) hope this may be of use for others...
Adding color is possible (/tf tags), but tagged part of the text will be displayed in the same color as for the verse numbers.

We smoothed devotionals module using "manna" for it's simplicity. Text is copyrighted (holders clearly expressed they will to have this text published as Project Sword module - so there is no other need to hesitate if to use it as the module, but the author's name;).

For anybody interested, some files are located at

- manna.txt - this is source,
typing "imp2ld manna.txt manna 2" we got module (2 files) which /together with .conf file/ is packed as:
- manna.tar.gz.

If anyone wants to work under windows (Notatnik), it's good to remember that .conf file should be saved as ansi - and module files as UTF-8, to have polish characters displayed correctly.

I'll follow this way preparing new devotionals module in the next lunchbreak.

In Christ,

Ps 1:1-2