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Posted by mdbarton at Jun 29, 2004 11:17:13 PM
References in modules
I'm creating a daily devotional module. It's actually a bible rading plan that my fellowship uses, with a reference to the portions of scripture for each day.
I have had a few problems getting the reference links to work - mainly with MacSword (although this may not be a MacSword issue as such)
Is there a definition of how a reference should be written?
Some examples
<scripRef>Romans 1, 2</scripRef>

- this returns the first 2 chapters of Romans in Diatheke and presents a verse list to choose from in Sword for Windows. MacSword however points you at Romans 1 and Genesis 2. No problem, I changed this to:
<scripRef>Romans 1</scripRef>, <scripRef>Romans 2</scripRef>

<scripRef>I Peter 3</scripRef>

- works fine in Diatheke and Sword for Windows. MacSword does not like the space after the 'I', and throws you to I Corinthians. The fix that I am trying (but have not tested) is:
<scripRef>IPeter 3</scripRef>

The point is, which Sword front end is doing the right thing? Has MacSword strictly implemented the Sword API whereas Diatheke and Windows put a looser interpretation on how scripture is referenced?
I want to make sure that my module will work with all front-ends (and haven't had a chance to test gnomesword, bibletime and all the others!).
Are there any rules or guidance for this?