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Posted by cgngon at Jun 10, 2011 12:03:25 PM
Re: Suggestion/Request for PocketSword - Parallel Bibles
Here is a solution to have parallelel bible.
You could change the configuration file of a bible so that pocket sword handel it has a commentary. For example, you duplicate one bible directory, and add a new configuration file with changing the line ModDrv=zText by ModDrv=zCom
So you download the new module on your iPhone and you will have this new bible appear in commentary tab.
The only problem is that, with actual version 1.4.0 scrolling of bible do not automaticly follow a scrolling of commentary and vice versa. But when you select a new reference, the bible and the commentary is synchronized.
I created a jira to ask Nic to solve this small problem of handling and event when menu reference change by scrolling PS-56.
Thanks and regards.


Nic, it will also be very great to add copy verse or verse range when touching a verse number. Thank you very much Nic for this wonderfull thinks pocketsword is.

God bless.