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Posted by hermeneutes at Jun 29, 2004 2:51:17 PM
Re: Tags for italics/color font in modules?

Does anybody know:
How to mark the text to get "new verse" & line breaks (now I only have plain text with no line breaks) - using imp tools under windoze?

Use the markup given above:

This is the date heading without OSIS tags.
<div type="annotant" osisRef="Gen.1.1"><p>In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth (<reference osisRef="Gen.1.1">Gen 1:1</reference>).</p></div>
<div type="commentary" osisRef="Gen.1.1"><p>And here goes commentary.</p></div>

The verse goes into the div type annotant and the commentary goes into div type commentary. It works for me.

If somebody would like to prepare the module using OSIS import tools, I am ready to mark text with osis tags.

Importing is actually the easiest part, while tagging is the benedictine task. Would you like to try NoteTab Light (free, for Windows, ) with my clips for doing the devotional?