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Posted by mdbergmann at Jun 10, 2011 9:28:58 AM
Re: Localization for Khmer (Cambodian)
Well, Eloquent is "just" a front end to the Sword library which actually has all the bible name localizations.
You can either download/checkout the Sword sources in order to get to the book localizations or, you open the bundle in Finder and navigate to the following location inside it:

You will find a list of .conf files with book names and abbreviations for all languages Sword knows about.
I'm not sure whether the one you are looking for is already there or not.
If it is not, you can create a new file. The file name usually is the ISO 2 digit country name. This file then has to be added to the official Sword source tree to be publicly available.

As for localization of Eloquent: we don't yet really have localization support. A good portion of time has to go into this to check UI component sizes are appropriate for localized strings and so forth.
Eloquent only exists in english language at this time.
At some point, maybe with version 2.4, we'll do release a localized version. However prior to this release we'd announce this so that all people who wish a special language have time to create it.