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Posted by hermeneutes at Jun 28, 2004 2:03:17 PM
Re: More module making problems
Hi Piotr, how is your reading about OSIS going? Do you have any advice for a newbie?

Hi Benedict,

First of all, sorry for a rather late reply. I was migrating to a new computer and generally busy with other things.

I've read some, but The Sword Project does not support the latest OSIS specification. There is info on what it supports in some other module making thread.

I'd hate to manually insert tags in a text. Would Openoffice be of any help in this.

I think it could be done in OpenOffice, but you would have to create styles corresponding to specific tags, and then create an XML filter that would save the document to an OSIS tagged file.

I know that there's an OSIS schema that one can somehow use as a help in inserting tags. Could you guide me through it?

Well I have not used a schema, I have just used a few NoteTab Pro macros, called clips, that help me insert OSIS tags, and call the vs2osisref.exe utility that converts verse references to the OSIS conformant format. They should also work in NoteTab Light (if you use Windows, that is). See for more information. I can send you my macros if you're interested or post them somewhere.

Best regards,