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Posted by JonGl at May 26, 2011 12:27:40 AM
Re: Highlighting for Pocketsword
Hi there.

Thanks for your mock-up of what it could look like. That is an interesting idea and I'll take a look into it. I agree that highlighting is currently rather fiddly and could be improved on! Unfortunately I don't have a lot of free time right now (being a volunteer and all) and my spare time is being used to work on the iPad version. But, after that is released, I hope to "fix" highlighting.

Thanks for your suggestion! ybic
nic... :)

If I could, I'd like to point out a potential problem with this way of highlighting--namely finding a highlight to go back to it later. One of the points of highlighting is, of course, to make it easy to find a text later, but without also bookmarking the text, finding again later will be much more difficult--of course, there's always the serendipity of finding a verse you highlighted long ago, but then you forget why you highlighted it (another advantage of the "long way" is that you are prompted to name it, which creates an association with the highlight).

Now, I suppose that this way of highlighting is good for quick and dirty projects, but I would fear (if I were the developer) that people would resort to this rather than the long way, with confusion resulting. This aspect certainly needs to be taken into consideration if and when this form of highlighting gets implemented. :-)