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Posted by JohanMarais at May 24, 2011 8:11:51 AM
OSIS in Eloquent
I hope someone can help me.

I am busy with the mark-up of our 2009 edition of The Scriptures (by the Institute for Scripture Research).

I only have access to an iPhone 3G and Windows front-ends (Ziphos, The SWORD Project for Windows, BPBible and BibleTime), running Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 bit).

My mark-up works perfectly on these front-ends.

Someone is helping me testing on an Apple Mac (unfortunately a few thousand kilometres from where I live) and he gets pop-up windows with strange text in footnotes under Eloquent.

He is running an Apple laptop, under Mac OS 10.6.7.

Running Eloquent 2.3.1/1934 produces for example the following in Luke 10:15: See Explanatory Notes <a href=”sword://TS2009EN/She%E2%80%99ol”>”She’ol”</a>, the OSIS markup is the following:
And you, Kephar Naḥum, who are <hi type="bold">exalted to the heaven, shall be brought down to She’ol.</hi><note type="crossReference" n="t" osisID="Luk.10.15!crossReference.t" osisRef="Luk.10.15"> <reference osisRef="Isa.14.13">Isa. 14:13</reference>; <reference osisRef="Isa.14.15">Isa. 14:15</reference></note><note type="explanation">See Explanatory Notes <reference osisRef="TS2009EN:She’ol">"She’ol"</reference>.</note>

For Luke 10:28 it shows the following: <a href=passagestudy.jsp? action=showRef&type=scripRef&value=1Cor.8.6&module=”1Cor. 8:6</a>;<a href=passagestudy.jsp? action=showRef&type=scripRef&value=Eph.4.6&module=”>Eph. 4:6</a>; <a href=passagestudy.jsp? action=showRef&type=scripRef&value=Mar.12.29-Mar12.34&module=”Mar. 12:29-34</a>, the OSIS markup is as follows:
And He said to him, “You have answered rightly. <hi type="bold">Do this and you shall live.”</hi><note type="crossReference" n="t" osisID="Luk.10.28!crossReference.t" osisRef="Luk.10.28"> <reference osisRef="Lev.18.5">Lev. 18:5</reference></note><note type="explanation">See <reference osisRef="Mat.19.17">Mat. 19:17</reference>; <reference osisRef="John.12.50">John 12:50</reference>; <reference osisRef="Rev.22.14">Rev. 22:14</reference></note>

Under MacSword 1.4.4 the footnote shows inline (correctly) with the text and the Scriptural reference brings a pop-up window showing the correct verse.

I have screen prints if required.

What am I doing wrong please?

Thank you,

Johan Marais