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Posted by mdbergmann at May 22, 2011 11:34:28 AM
Re: Convert from RTF or HTML to OSIS (or any other importable format)

OSIS is the preferred format for Commentaries and Bibles. TEI is our preferred format for Dictionaries. Both are XML.
If you have HTML which is not very far from XML it should be relatively easy to convert this to OSIS or TEI.

There would also be a possibility to use ThML which is HTML with some additional markup tags.

Have you seen the development section in our wiki.
This page about ThML might also be helpful to you.

There is no utility that I know of. But if you are familiar with XSLT it can do XML based transformation quite easily.
My tool of choice would be the programming language Scala as it can very easily can do transformations of XML.