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Posted by Bond at May 22, 2011 6:57:13 AM
Convert from RTF or HTML to OSIS (or any other importable format)
Is there a way (a utility?!) to convert from RTF or HTML to any format importable by Sword project? RTF or HTML to OSIS.... RTF or HTML to GBF(IMP). Whatever is easiest.

GBF(IMP) seems to be the easiest markup, as it more closely resembles HTML and RTF. And I successfully imported some material this way. But the lack of documentation makes it difficult without trial and error guesswork at the exact syntax. For example, I never did get indentions to work (although I did get verse references to work).

I think I know what the answer is. I think the answer is going to be me doing regular expression search and replaces to get the material into an importable format. Is there a sample OSIS commentary/dictionary that has examples of bold, italics, new paragraphs/lines, indentions (like tab), verse references (not necessarily footnotes like the sample commentary posted but actual verse or cross references)? Or, I'm also open to GFB(IMP) if I could find clearcut examples of the above in a sample commentary or dictionary.