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Posted by wwjdusa at May 19, 2011 12:06:54 PM
Re: Russian Language Bible (specifically Old Testament)
If we proceed with "Synodal versification", then the RSV Bible will go into the experimental repository. How long would we need to wait, before the RSV Bible moves from experimental repository to official repository?

The reason that I ask this, is because all of the Russians Bibles use this special book order, both the canon Bibles (66 books) and the full Bibles (66 books + Apocrypha). To the Russian speaking people, it would be confusing to see New Testament in KJV versification.


I have an idea:

One module can be created with the KJV versification. This module would immediately go to the official repository. Another module can be created with Russian Synodal versification and it will go into experimental repository. After x amount of time, the Synodal versification would move to the official servers. When this happens, someone will need to remove the Russian Bible with KJV versification from the official repository.

By following this, we would immediately have the Russian Bible on the official repository and eventually have the synodal book order for the Russian New Testament. What do you think of this idea?


You said that there is a full Bible (66 books + Apocrypha) in the experimental repository. How much more time is needed for it to move to the official repositories?