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Posted by wwjdusa at May 18, 2011 6:45:38 PM
Suggestion/Request for PocketSword - Parallel Bibles
Peace unto you,
This thread was created for the developers of PocketSword.

I would like to start by telling a little bit about myself. I myself was born in the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union, Christians were persecuted for Christianity. After the Soviet Union collapsed, many of the Christians moved to other countries, since they feared of Soviet Union coming back to power. Christians moved to many different countries. Along with other families, my family moved to United States and we were classified as refuges.

I have been using PocketSword for a while and I greatly enjoy the app. I myself speak both English and Russian language. I would find it convenient, if I could study both the English Bible and the Russian Bible at the same time. To implement this idea, I would like to suggest a feature for PocketSword: I would like to see an additional off/on button. When this button is turned on, one would be able to view two Bibles at the same time. One Bible would be on the right side of the screen and the other Bible would be on the left side of the screen. When I would scroll down, both of the Bibles would scroll at the same time. If my suggestion is implemented, then I would be able to study both English and Russian Bible at the same time.

I have family and friends who experience a problem. When they read the Russian Bible, they understand everything. When they read the English Bible, they understand some parts of the Bible, while have difficult time understanding other parts of the Bible. My brothers and sisters in Christ can speak everyday/conversation English; however, many of the biblical phrases are not spoken/used in everyday English. If my suggestion is implemented, then the English Bible would be on one side and the Russian Bible would be on the other side. Through this, they would be able to study English biblical language, while they are reading the Russian Bible. Looking up every single word in the dictionary is difficult, while if the verses are side by side, then it would be simpler to study English biblical language. Study English biblical language, would improve English vocabulary and we could be faster Americanized.

I would like to emphasize the importance of biblical language by telling you a true story. This event happened in one Russian speaking church, which is located on the west coast of America. One day, an American preacher visited the Russian church and requested to preach. The Russian congregation said that he would need to preach through a translator, since not everyone can fully understand English. A secular translator was found and the American preacher started preaching. American preacher would say a sentence or two, and the translator would then translate to Russian. During one portion of the sermon, the American preacher said, "Jesus, Lamb of God". The secular translator translated this as "Jesus, Ram of God". Everyone in the congregation started laughing. Lambs are meek and humble, while rams are stubborn and proud. With the phrase "Ram of God", the translator implied that Jesus is stubborn and proud. For this reason, the phrase "Ram of God" gave a good laugh to the congregation, since everyone knows that Jesus is meek and humble. To avoid such problems in the future, translators need a tool through which they could study both biblical languages (both Russian and English) at the same time. If my suggestion is implemented, then studying both biblical languages at the same time would be possible.

Even if my suggestion is rejected, I am still thankful to God for PocketSword, since it serves me as a great Bible tool. Thank you for creating the program.