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Posted by cgngon at May 17, 2011 6:04:18 AM
smile   Re: Russian Language Bible (specifically Old Testament)

Thank you so much Nic for your precious indications.

I found that indeed sword is able to deal with differents versification!

Located here:

and :

So no more need to convert this module to english versification or add another source than original public domain one.

I compil the module with the synodal versification.

The only remaining errors (instead of missing Apocrypha's books,chapters or verses) is :

Psalms 101:28 (missing verse number)
Psalms 114:9 (missing verse number)
Proverbs 18:25 (missing verse number)

So, only 3 verses number is needed to have or module rigth.

Here is error log file

Here is new module for test

Find it also in my personnal ftp server.

Could you tell me where to add missing verse number? No need to post all document for that. After that, the module will be ready to be submit to Sword.

Thanks and Regards.