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Posted by wwjdusa at May 14, 2011 11:41:57 AM
Re: Russian Language Bible (specifically Old Testament)
I analyzed the "missing verses" which your program displayed. All of the "missing verses" fall in either three categories:

The first category is missing number in the original Russian Bible file. For example, your program showed that Genesis 8:22 is missing. I checked with my paper Russian Bible. In the text file, the actual verse is present, but number "22" was missing. I went ahead and added "22" to the text file. Next on your list, Genesis 14:20 is missing. I went to the original text file here are the numbers ... "18", "19", "21", "22". The actual verse "20" was present, but the number "20" was missing. I went ahead and added the number "20". Similar problem existed for the other verses, that the actual verses were present, but the number was sometimes missing. I am currently working on correcting this problem and when I am finished, I will post the original file with the corrected verses.

The second category is that there is a slight difference in English and Russian Bible. Please understand me correctly, the two Bibles have the same content, but the numbering are sometimes different. For example, in English Bible, in Chapter 1 of Song of Solomon, there are 17 verses. In Russian Bible, in Chapter 1 of Song of Solomon, there are 16 verses. In English Bible, there is verse 16 and 17. In Russian Bible, verse 16 and 17 are combined together and labeled as verse 16. Your program detects that verse 17 is missing, while in reality, nothing is missing. Another example is Numbers 12-13. In English Bible, Numbers 12 has 16 verses. In Russian Bible, Numbers 12 has 15 verses. However, E. Number 12:16 = R. Numbers 13:1, E. Number 13:1 = R. Numbers 13:2, E. Number 13:2 = R. Numbers 13:3, ..., E. Number 13:33 = R. Numbers 13:34. In English Bible, Numbers 13 has 33 verses, while the Russian Bible has 34 verses. This is the second category of problem. I will work on a list which would display all of these differences.

The third category was a number without a space. The verses which were separated had a space and then a number. The verses which were not separated had a period(dot) following by a number, and did not have a space. For odd reason, when there is not a space, your program did not separate the verses. I am manually adding a spacing to the needed verses.

Most of the problems fall either in category #2 or #3

Also, in my life, I studied the Russian Bible (RSV) and many different versions of the English Bible. From my experience, the RSV is the closest to the KJV. For example, RSV and KJV have the following phrase in the Lord's Prayer: "For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory". To my surprise, many new version have phrases like these cut out.

Please give me some time and I will work on correcting the numbering. Thanks.